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USCIS Expands Case Inquiries Through e-Request

On November 19, 2012, USCIS expanded its e-Request system for making status inquiries about individual pending applications or to correct notices. Applicants can submit web-based inquiries on cases pending longer than stated processing times, have notices/approvals corrected, and can inquire about or change biometrics appointments for replacement green cards (I-90s) and naturalization applications (N400s). In order to use the e-Request service, applicants will need their original fee receipt number (upper left corner of form I797 Notice of Action).

Other ways to check on case status include:

  • 1. Automated online case status (plug in the case number)
  • 2. Check application type processing times (scroll down, pick the location where the case is pending, then select the form type. Times given are average targeted times and may not be actual processing times in your case.)
  • 3. Call customer service at 1-800-375-5283 (Hearing Impaired TDD Customer Service:1-800-767-1833) for cases beyond the processing time, information not found on the website or automated information, or for unusual circumstances, emergencies, etc.
  • 4. Make an in-person appointment through the online INFOPASS appointment system. (For emergencies, situations not resolved online or through customer service.)
  • 5. Sign up for automated case updates by text message or email (or your lawyer or representative can).

Additional USCIS inquiries/services:

1. Changed address. All non-citizens must report change of address two ways:
a. File form AR-11 within 10 days of moving. This can be filed online, sent by mail or by calling customer service at the number above. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.
b. Secondly, if you have a pending case at one of the service centers or a district office, you need to send a copy of your change of address to the office where the application is pending along with your case type and case number (preferably with a copy of the fee receipt). Send this by certified receipt mail or some other proof of delivery method for your records.

2. Expedited processing. Some cases can be expedited without reason but for an extortionist fee of $1225.00. This is called “premium processing.” A list of eligible applications can be found here. Note, although the government is supposed to decide cases within 15 business days, often they issue a Request for Evidence around day 13 or 14, which tolls the 15 business day rule. However, one benefit of premium processing is ability to communicate via email once the case has been filed.

If your case does not qualify for premium processing, another way to seek “expedited review” is through traditional expedited processing with proof the case meets the expedite criteria found here. This is known as discretionary expedited processing. You can send evidence of the criteria for expedite via mail to where the case is pending or you can call customer service at 1-800-375-5283, or make a local in-district INFOPASS appointment as described above.